Vision Board

Hawai’i Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Action Group


Collaborative Group

To conduct research, raise awareness and advocate.


Awareness Campaign

PR campaigns, collective voices, community collaboration


Advocacy & Prevention Picks Up

Speakers Bureau, Partnerships, Education, advocating for change.


Family & Caregiver Support Developing

Training, Awareness, Collaboration, Advocacy

Hawai’i FASD Milestones 2017-19

Prevention Awareness

FASD Awareness Month Press, Interviews, publications Collective Framework Speakers Bureau

Community Collaboration

QLCC, DOH , DHS, State Development Disabilities Council, Legislative Mental Health Comm.,. Keiki Caucus,, Hi Maternal Health and Infant Collaborative, DOE, etc.

Training & Education

DOE school mental health supervisors on addressing students with FASD Conducted 45 FASD presentations. Educated 800+ mental health & substance abuse treatment providers, probation officers, parents & families

Advancing the Mission

2017 Hawaii FASD Action Group Statewide Conference, 2019 Hawaii FASD Action Group Statewide Conference, FASD Hawaii Fact Sheet


2019 DOH-Developmental Disabilities Division & DHS working to expand services for those ineligible for DD Services, 2019 FASD recognized in Hawaii Statutes , 2019 The Advancing FASD Research, Prevention and Services Act =, S. 2879 introduced by US Senate

Research & Analysis

2017 FASD Action Group Survey, 2019 FASD Survey of Providers on Awareness, 2020 FASD Impact Analysis Hawaii


What is FASD?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is the umbrella term describing a range of effects that can occur from prenatal alcohol exposure.

FASD is common

  • 5% Conservative estimate of 1 in 20 first graders are affected by FASD (May et al. JAMA, 2018)

FASD is costly

  • $2M estimated lifetime cost/child with FASD not including pain and suffering (CDC, 2004)

FASD is preventable

  • 7 in 100 women drank in their third trimester of pregnancy (PRAMS Report, 2015)
  • ~1 in 2 pregnancies are unplanned (Prams Report, 2015)

Dr. Ann Yabusaki
Governor David Ige
Proclamation for
FASD Awareness Month
September 2017

Governor’s Chambers, Hawai’i State Capital

Hawai’i FASD Action Group

September 2017

FASD Awareness Month
Governor Ige
Gigi Davidson (with Proclamation)
Hawai’i FASD Action Group
September 2017
1st Hawai’i FASD Action Group Conference

Resource Display

September 2017

Hoku Kapika, High School Graduation

With – Jana Moya & Tia Ikeno Hawai’i FASD Action Group Members

July 2018

Ret. Judge Michael Jeffrey, Speaker

Hawai’i FASD Action Group Members:
Adriane Abe, Jana Moya, Susan Yoo,
Court Staff

September 2019

Tea, Jeremy, Terra, Briar, Cruz, Anslie and Pineapple

“Daniel Ohana”

Tea, Terra and Jeremy Daniel , 2019

Conference Hawai’i FASD Action Group members & 2019 Conference Speakers

Former State Senator
Jill Tokuda
Norm Baker, Acting CEO,
and Lisa Kimura, VP,
Aloha United Way
Darlyn Chen Scovell, Hawai’i FASD Action Group Member
Putting Families First Talk Story – 2019

Jeff Noble, Keynote Speaker
Sept. 2017 Conference

Hawai’i FASD Action Group Members and Autism Team
Legislative Team, , 2019 Session

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