U.S. Alcohol Sales Increase 55 Percent in One Week Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Jun 8, 2020 | x-post-before-new-layout

In the week ending March 21, sales on alcoholic beverages have spiked by 55 percent according to market research firm Nielsen.

Hard liquors, including tequila and gin, as well as cocktails are the favorites among consumers. Sprits sales increased by 75 percent compared to the same dates in 2019. Beer is the next most popular drink, with purchases up by 66 percent, then wine, up 42 percent year-on-year.

Nielsen’s vice president of beverage alcohol, Danelle Kosmal, predicted that we’ve probably seen the peak of consumer demand for alcohol. “I suspect that the week ending March 21st will feature the strongest growth rates that we will see during this consumer pantry-loading time,” he told The Drinks Business.

“Data for the week ending 28 March will be very telling, and I think it will be a better indicator of the new normal in how consumers are responding to the crisis and their new normal, centered around the home.”

Astor Wines & Spirits in Manhattan, New York, has closed its walk-in store and now only offers deliveries. While it couldn’t put an exact figure on the growth of its recent sales, the company is certainly experiencing a surge in sales across the board on all products.

“We have a physical store, but we don’t allow customers to come into the store, to walk around and shop. They can only place deliveries which are driving a big increase [in sales],” Rob Fischer, CEO of Astor Wines & Spirits in Manhattan told Newsweek.

“Our delivery business is very strong,” continued Fischer, “bars and restaurants are closed so there’s no other real place to get alcohol and people are stuck at home with time on their hands so they’re making more lavish meals and would like to enjoy a nice bottle of wine with it.”

Full article and video available at Newsweek.com