Parties for Favorite Friends

HOAPILI means “favorite friend” in Hawaiian and is an organization that hosts monthly parties specifically for individuals with special needs. It is a place where everyone belongs. Hoapili parties create a safe, all-inclusive place for families to come together. Kids leave feeling happy and parents leave knowing they are not alone.

Huge mahalo to everyone who supports the keiki in our community through these magical events!”

Hoapili Happiness

“We have spent years watching our kids run in and out of the house with friends, laughing at late nights, and going to parties. It is extremely rare that Briar (like most kids with special needs) ever gets to be a part of that world.

After feeling heartbroken for her over and over and over again we decided to take action and be the change we wished to see in the world.

Last night we hosted the first party specifically for individuals with special needs!

We do not have any organizations on the North Shore that serve individuals with special needs. We figured sending invitations home through the schools would be the most effective way to spread the word. Two days before the party, the complex superintendent for the schools in our area denied approval for invitations to be sent home. We had to rely on community members to help spread the word. We had no idea what to expect – I felt like if we had 5 kids show up it would be a success. We had 21 kids come!!

We had a few neurotypical kids there to help everyone navigate the different games. Dr. Jason Hughes said it best when he said, “all I heard was happy”!

A few moms told me this was the first invitation their child has ever received. One young man sat by the doors for 3 hours waiting for the party to start! Everyone who came went home smiling, happy, and most importantly – knowing that they were included!

To learn more about HOAPILI or to join us at our next party, please contact Terra Daniel 801-647-1313

We look forward to sharing the most recent research about this lifelong disability that is all around us. Call-in option available! Contact Jana @ (808)780-1850